Jack Frost

Jack Frost was a very simple cosplay that anyone can make. Whether you decide to make the whole outfit yourself or buy the clothing (and do a few alterations) you can make an amazing looking cosplay.

I chose to buy the hoodie and pants for this cosplay. I was too busy making my Sailor Saturn and Dark Magician Girl cosplays to focus on making a whole other cosplay. However, I wanted a cosplay that was easy to wear and comfortable so that I can go around the conventions and not have to worry about someone stepping on my dress, or my wig catching, or looking like a fool trying to walk in high heels. Jack Frost was the perfect choice. No shoes (well, I wore flip flops), super comfy outfit that keeps me warm, short wig, and a cool weapon that I had fun making.

Below I have my Jack Frost hoodie, pants and staff tutorials.

Jack Frost Hoodie: 

IMG_5483 IMG_5484

Watch the tutorial from YouTube: Jack Frost Cosplay Hoodie Tutorial 


Jack Frost Pants

jack frost pants

Watch the tutorial from YouTube: Jack Frost Cosplay Pants Tutorial


Jack Frost Staff


Watch the tutorial from YouTube: Jack Frost Staff Tutorial

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