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It has been a while since I have made contact with the internet world and all of my followers. I have decided to create my own website dedicated to my love for anime and cosplaying. Up until this point I have been sharing my stuff with the world via Deviantart, Cosplay.com, and Facebook. However, my interests have become so widespread that keeping up with various different websites became a hassle therefore I have smashed all of my interests into one website. I will continue to upload my other pages when I have time (which really doesn’t exist for me).

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all of my latest works focused around anime, cosplay and video games. I became hooked on Anime when I was about eight year old. My first Anime was Hayao Miyazaki’s “Kiki’s Delivery Service” followed very closely by Sailor Moon.

I started drawing Anime characters at a young age (although I was not very good at it personally). It wasn’t until I entered college that I started to improve upon my art skills. Unlike most artists that you see at conventions, I did not major or take any classes in art or digital media. I had to learn on my own through online tutorials, friends, and countless art books. Anime and Manga is considered to be my number one hobby in life. However, my “professional passion” is meteorology. I believe that if I were born in Japan I probably would have taken my love for Anime to the next level and became a manga artist (though they do have amazing weather and typhoons over in Japan). However, my career path went towards weather. I will not abandon my love for anime though, I will continue to treat it as a second career and passion of mine. I may not have the art design or fashion design background that many other artists have but I am a firm believer in teaching yourself.

winner anime north 2015

I began cosplaying in 2006 and have traveled all over North America to show my costume designs. The majority of the conventions that I attend are in Florida (where I am originally from and go back for holidays and summers) and Ontario (where I am pursing my PhD). I will be posting my cosplay creations and even post some tutorials that can possibly be helpful to other cosplayers. I am a huge fan at making weapons and work with all types of materials from foam to wood to WonderFlex (amazing invention fyi).

safety first kids <- safety first kids. Always wear fashionable sunglasses when spray painting.

A new hobby I have taken up lately are resin garage kit models. I am just starting to get a grasp on this hobby so I will be posting pictures of my progress over the next few months. I am crossing my fingers that my figures will turn out well.

On occasion I will post under the “Blog” section any updates in my anime life. Anything from my next cosplay ideas to what anime/manga I am watching/reading. Feel free to comment on any blog topics if you feel like it :) If you have any questions you would like to ask please email me and I will try my best to get back to you in a reasonable time. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the Atelier!

Yami Sorceress Facebook Posts

Frosty Friday! Jack Frost has been paying North Florida a visit the past few nights. Stay warm ❄️❄️❄️ Photo by: @time_turner_photography 😍#cosplay #cosplayer #jackfrost #jackfrostcosplay #costume #riseoftheguardians #riseoftheguardianscosplay #holidaymatsuri #animeconvention #floridacosplay #canadacosplay #wintercosplay #staywarm #anime #manga #dreamworks #dreamworkscosplay #cosplayphotography #believeinme #frosty #frostyfriday #diy #yamisorceress ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s Super Sunday! Princess Peach is wishing you a happy Sunday from her castle (whichever castle that may be 🤪). Photo by the beautiful @starry_dragons_cosplay 😍 Thank you hun you are truly peachy on so many levels♥️ #peach #peachcosplay #nintendo #nintendocosplay #princesspeach #princesspeachcosplay #supermario #supersmashbros #smashbros #gamergirl #videogame #animeconvention #princesstoadstool #peachy #videogamecosplay #pink #cosplay #cosplayer #yourprincessisinanothercastle #anime #manga #costume #diy #crafting #floridacosplay #canadacosplay #yamissorceress ... See MoreSee Less

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As promised, here is the 2018 cosplay lineup. There will likely be a secret cosplay as well that will not be known until it is complete 😚 Aqua is half done and will be making her debut at Momo in May. Seto Kaiba is up next. Heine was a character that was thrown in at the last second. I have just started reading and watching “The Royal Tutor” and I finally feel like I have found a character that matches my life and personality perfectly. Of course I had to throw him in to cosplay. I highly recommend checking out the series 😊 Finally, Cardia from Code Realize will be the big project of 2018. Also get excited: the second part of the game Code Realize is being released on March 30 🤩🤩 Get excited for progress photos over the next few weeks and look forward to seeing these creations soon 😘 #yugioh #setokaiba #yugiohcosplay #cosplay #cosplaylineup #cosplayer #2018cosplay #royaltutor #royaltutorcosplay #kingdomhearts #kingdomheartscosplay #coderealize #coderealizecosplay #cardia #anime #manga #thestruggleisreal #diy #costume #cardiacosplay #floridacosplay #canadacosplay #yamisorceress ... See MoreSee Less

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