Dream Cosplays

We all have those characters that we dream about cosplaying one day. The problem is finding the time and energy to make these cosplays come to life. If anyone is juggling a job/school plus their love for anime and cosplay, you know the pain. So many ideas in your mind and not enough hours in a day. I try to make 2 to 3 cosplays a year. I figure this is a good amount and allows me to spend a fair amount of time on each cosplay to make it perfect. However, there are people out there that get a cosplay done in one week and then move directly to the next one. How they manage to do this… I have no clue. I figure most are majoring in fashion design or cosplaying is their ultimate job. Impressive, and I salute you talented people!
The following are cosplays that I hope to attempt in the coming months/years:

Atelier Ayesha


I have been a fan of the Atelier game series since Atelier Totori released in North America. I think all the protagonists have beautiful girly outfits but Ayesha’s dress is just so gorgeous in my mind. I would have to learn how to dye fabric to do the green to yellow transition but it shouldn’t be too hard. Good learning experience.

Miku – Append Module – Vocaloid 

miku append

Of course there is always a dream vocaloid charcter that we all want to cosplay. I love the “Project Diva” games and there are so many outfits that I adore. I think the Append Module outfit I can use some LED technology for the skirt area, so that is really the main reason I chose this… it will probably change later. Especially since Project Diva X is in the works 😉

Princess Chibiusa – Sailor Moon – IN PROGRESS!!!

princess chibiusa

I think Chibiusa is adorable. However, I am not a huge fan of all the pink that is shown in her sailor outfit. Nothing against the color, I just do not look great in bright pink shades. I think her princess form would be a nice calming pink so that it is not overwhelming. Plus, who doesn’t want to prance around in a gorgeous dress?


Sora – Kaleido Star


First off, if you guys have never watched Kaleido Star I encourage you to do so. This is, in my opinion, one of the best anime’s created. This anime will make you work and go after your dreams. Very inspiring. I love the circus outfits throughout the anime but this one is so detailed and unique. I would even add some wings to the cosplay. I would love to cosplay with a Layla partner if there are any out there. I think we would have an awesome time at a convention if I could find someone who was willing to do a cosplay team up with me on this series :)

Squid Sisters – Callie and Marie – Splatoon


Who doesn’t love these two? I am a huge Splatoon fan, dare I say I am addicted to the game. It is probably a good thing a version of it never came out for the Nintendo 3ds (hint hint, Nintendo) or I would never get anything done. Like Kaleido Star it would be nice to have a partner to do this cosplay. I would probably do Marie (White and Green). Her squid hair looks fun, and a nightmare, to do.

Yoko – Gurren Lagann 


The series reached its peak fandom a few years back where everyone (and I mean everyone) showed up to a convention dressed as Yoko. I was a little late on the Gurren Lagann fandom but I do love this quirky anime. I think Yoko has a lot of spunk and, let’s be honest, creating and carrying around that huge gun would be so much fun. Cosplay would be very easy to make. If I wanted I could just buy the majority of the outfit and fix it up a bit. Very easy cosplay if you girls are brave enough to show a little skin. Let’s be honest, it may look a bit scandalous, but Yoko is more covered up compared to your beach bikini.

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